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Georgia Graham-Leigh

Georgia Graham-Leigh

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If You Say

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Ask us about these MarTech Studio Services

“How do we make our brand / product / fundraising campaigns more personalized / targeted?” 

Targeting strategies / Journey mapping / Audience design / Personalized comms and content 

Preference center / Journey set up / Dynamic content booster 

“An extra purchase / trade up per customer is worth $$ to the business. How do
we do that?”

Nurture strategy / Loyalty programs / Next best action (NBA)

Ecosystem audit / Cross-selling automation / Cart abandonment journey 

“We’re losing customers, members, subscribers…” 

Retention strategy / Loyalty programs 

Audience verification and clean up / IP warm up / Re-qualification & reactivation / Data capture / Unsubscribe centers 

“We have contactable customers but we’re not really doing anything with / talking to them…” 

Comms template Dev. / Segmentation / Messaging Strategies / Channel Strategies 

Comms automation / Automated digital marketing e.g. b-day, anniversary 

“How do we better understand the customers we have and acquire more like them…” 

Database segmentation & profiling / Persona design / Acquisition Journeys 

Preference centers / Data capture / Audience clean up/ Member get Member program 

“We have quite a bit of data on our customers but we’re not really using it to fullest…” 

Upstream strategic utilization / Persona Design 

Data audit / Dashboard dev. / Audience clean up / Tagging and taxonomy / Marketing platform integration / Data migration 

“We don’t have much data on our customers because we’ve never collected it…” 

Data infrastructure / Data capture mechanics / Customer Journeys 

Data capture / Preference center / Marketing platform recommendations / Data migration / Cross-channel integration 

“We don’t have much data on our customer because it’s hard to collect…” 

Data capture mechanics / Customer Journeys 

3rd party data acquisition, validation & integration / Pref center / Data capture set up / External data feed integration / Email interactive forms 

“We’re driving sales / eng. / donations but we have no idea what happens afterwards…” 

Customer journey mapping / Nurture & Retention strategies 

Tagging and taxonomy / Google analytics integration / Reporting automation / Reporting 

“We need our proposition, mission and vision to become more relevant to our audience…” 

Customer Needs Frameworks / Value mapping 

Ecosystem audit & gap analysis / Dynamic content based on behavioral data / Interactive journeys 

“My data is a mess, how do I better organize it?” 

Systems orchestration / Document management / Process management 

Database audit / Database clean up / Database optimization / Database management / Dashboard dev. / Tagging & taxonomy 

“We use a bunch of platforms like SFMC and Adobe but don’t get best use of them…” 

Platform education / Training 

Data & ecosystem audit / Systems recommendation & implementation / Systems integration / Systems optimization / Template migration / dynamic content 

“We need to ensure that the content and communications put out by our partners and franchises (dealerships, retail stores etc.) is effective and on brand…” 

Guidelines / Toolkit development / Centralized asset hubs / Toolkit training 

Tagging and taxonomy / Reporting automation / Template dev. / Template migration / External data feed integration / 360 analytics 

“I’m ready to up my CRM capabilities, but which platform should I use?” 

Business needs discovery 

Ecosystem audit / Roadmap setup 

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