What Can AI Do For Human HubSpot Users?

Mike O'Leary

Mike O'Leary

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“As someone who loves spending time in nature, I’ve been exploring different ways to create a more eco-friendly yard. One option that has piqued my interest is converting my yard from traditional turf grass to a meadow. In this post, I want to share with you the benefits of converting your yard to a meadow.” 

I agree with all of that – and have converted my own front yard – but I didn’t write it.  

ChatSpot, the latest AI tool, did. 

CRM meets Generative AI 

I asked ChatSpot, HubSpot’s newly released AI tool, to draft a blog post about the benefits of converting a turf grass lawn to meadow.  

Did I need validation for my choice to upend my typical grass lawn? And did I feel like a robot was the best place to get that validation?  

Maybe, but that’s beside the point. 

12.23 seconds after I entered my prompt, I had a blog post that was informative, clearly written, and nearly ready to publish.  

And sure, it did make me feel good about swapping Kentucky bluegrass for a variety of coneflowers. I appreciate you, ChatSpot. 

If you’re anything like the friends, family, and guys behind deli counters I’ve tried to talk to about my front-yard pollinator patch, you too will want to be spared the remaining 389 words of this AI-generated blog post. 

No offense taken. 

Still, the capabilities of HubSpot AI and other generative AI tools are potentially world changing. 

ChatSpot harnesses the power of ChatGPT-4. Then, it draws from the data in your CRM to respond to your prompts nearly instantaneously, customized to your HubSpot portal. 

HubSpot offers a number of sample prompts to use with its new AI tool, including: 

  • Give me a summary of data in my account 
  • Create a report of companies added last quarter summarized by country 
  • Generate an image of an orange rocket ship 

There are a number of built-in prompts for common functions across several categories, including: 

  • Content Writing
  • HubSpot Operations
  • Marketing
  • Reporting
  • Research
  • SEO
  • Sales/CRM

If you’re responsible for any of those areas, you owe it to yourself to give HubSpot AI a try. 

What’s Next? 

ChatSpot is still in alpha and was only released a few weeks ago. We can surely expect refinement of its existing features and the roll out of new capabilities very soon. 

Generative AI still has a handful of inherent shortcomings at the moment, as laid out by my colleague Adam Reader

“ChatGPT’s training data only goes up to 2021, making it unable to offer responses about current events. It sometimes ‘hallucinates,’ presenting completely fabricated responses, and its guardrails to prevent dangerous responses aren’t perfect, often resulting in unanswered questions or overly cautious, repetitive stock responses. Or, as one New York Times writer found out when trying the new GPT powered Bing app; amusing and, somewhat, unsettling confessions of love and a desire to be destructive.” 

When using ChatSpot, I came across a few not-yet-fully baked functions: 

  • Converting a blog post into an audio clip
  • Creating original images of anything you describe
  • Pulling the wrong company when asking for publicly available info

But, those functions point in the direction of where generative AI tools are headed in the next months and years. 

Now’s probably a good moment to stop and ask: If ChatSpot can do all that, how can I trust that this whole post wasn’t written by the HubSpot AI? 

For better or worse, HubSpot AI can’t yet write blog posts in the voice of suburban dads who listen to The National and won’t stop going on about the medicinal properties of the wild flowers growing outside their front doors. 

And yet, it can write lyrics in the style of The Weeknd about attracting birds, bees, and butterflies to your yard. 

Here’s a taste: 

I’m in my garden, feeling so divine 
The flowers blooming, I want them to be mine 
But they need help, so I gotta find 
Ways to attract the pollinators, they’re one of a kind 
Can’t do it alone, need their sweet embrace 
I gotta find a way to make them come to my place 
Attracting pollinators, oh it’s such a thrill 
Hear the buzz, feel the love, it gives me a chill 
Using bright colors and sweet scents 
Calling all pollinators, I need your help to commence 

Let’s talk 

If you’re ready to take your HubSpot game to the next level, don’t hesitate to reach out to the experts at M&C Saatchi One-To-One. We’re always happy to chat about how we can help you elevate your marketing efforts and achieve your goals. Get in touch today

(Full disclosure: That last paragraph WAS written by ChatSpot.) 


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